Karno Air Inlet

• Applicable to winter and summer ventilation
• Helping the uniformity of salon air
• Lack of Cold air collision from outside over chick head
• Dramatic reduction of fuel consumption due to using Warm air under ceiling in cold seasons
• Uniformity distribution of fresh air and same temperature in whole hall
• Hall air supply in cold seasons without temperature drop
• Preventing cold stress in early breeding
Technical specification
• Dimensions : 60x30 cm
• Material: polystyrene (HIPS) resistant to heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, acidic and alkaline material, pressure, tensile and impact
• Graded deflector: to tune inlet air in best angle
• Spout damper: Prevent the passage of air along the valve and login uniform air inside the hall
• Double skin damper: Compressed Foam Insulation and Preventive of heat loss
• Central column: two columns to increase Strength of the valve body
• Damper spring: four springs to keep the valve closed while using tunnel ventilation
• Protective net: preventive to entry of other animals to the hall
• Electrical winch and transmission motor: applicable and can be controlled by automation
• Hand winch: can be connected to barometer to control hall air pressure
• Stepped edge of damper: preventive of air infiltration when valve is closed

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