KONAVI®️ Broiler Feed Pan

To give your birds a clean plate, there is no rival to the Konavi®️ feed pan
This Feed pan, lets beaks in and keeps feet out!
Birds tend to eat from outside the KONAVI®️ Feed pan from day one.
The new KONAVI®️ Feed pan gives birds easy access to feed while not stepping in it.
High flood windows, let the feed to reach the far edge of the pan in a full 360 degrees.
Rotate feed pan to engage one of the three grow-out levels – 19, 25.4 or 31.7 mm (0.75, 1.0 or 1.25 inches.
Cones include hooks for hanging pans.

A Breakthrough in Clean, Open-Style Feeding

The KONAVI®️ Feed pan from Karnotech lets beaks in, but keeps feet out. With its low pan height and scalloped edge, chicks eat from the outside of the pan from day one.
Its unique angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the pan and wasting feed.

Maximum Feed Access

Low pan height with scalloped edge gives birds comfortable and easy access to feed throughout their life cycle.
Flood the pans with a high level of feed to attract day-old chicks, then use one of three grow-out settings for finishing birds.

Minimum Feed Waste

Angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the feed pan and scratching feed out of the pan with their feet or beaks.
Such a design helps keep feed clean and uncontaminated – improving feed availability and efficiency.

Addresses Today's Emerging Health Concerns

Birds naturally tend to eat from outside of the KONAVI®️ Feed pan, resulting in reduced feed contamination.
Young birds may climb up on the feed pan, but they naturally do not stay there long.
Most importantly, birds have the tendency to face inward toward the feed, so most droppings fall outside the pan.

Complete Cleaning

No grills, corners or pockets to trap feed, means more complete cleaning of the feed pan.
Simply power wash KONAVI Feed pans between flocks for better bird health.

Durable Construction

Made using polypropylene co-polymer durable plastic.
Engineered to resist the effects of ultraviolet light.
Eating area of the pan is thicker for long life – 3.8 mm (0.15 inches).

Two Configurations

The KONAVI Feed pan is available in floor and colony feed pan configurations.
An optional slide shut-off lets you easily control feed flow to unused areas of your poultry house or colony system.

Designed for Global Poultry Production

Karnotech engineers designed the KONAVI®️ Feed pan from the ground up to meet the needs of global feeding practices and houses where minimal or no litter is used. With an ultra-low pan height, it lets the smallest chicks reach the feed even when they are not boosted by the height of the litter. Its simple design also works well in a wide variety of traditional broiler production environments.

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