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How is partridge Farming done?

Partridge Farming is becoming an attractive activity due to the characteristics of this small and beautiful bird.

The meat and egg of partridges, are rich in various minerals, proteins and amino acids the existence of which, are essential for the body.

In this article, we are going to have a precise look to partridge farming.

Get to know a partridge bird better

They weigh 400-800 grams.

They are average-size wild birds (bigger than quails and smaller than pheasants) that hunt for food.

Their upper part of body is grayish brown and pale yellow in their abdomen.

They are monogamous birds, however in industrial breeding, each male partridge can mate with 3-4 females.

They are able to produce 3 kinds of lovely sounds.

They can be reared in the time span between April to August and compared to other birds, have a longer breeding period.

It takes about 3.5 months for chicks to get adult and can stay alive for 7 years, nevertheless, their average life cycle is some 4 years. 

They are so resistant against diseases, but it is indispensable to observe the standards of hygiene in their farm and do the vaccination whenever necessary.

What points should be considered to start breeding partridges?

Before doing everything, you need to identify the market’s needs and also your goal, then do the marketing.

You can breed partridges making use of two methods:

1. To purchase the herd directly from the market.

2. To purchase the fertilized eggs and put them in an egg incubator machine so to create your herd.

It is important not to rear a big number of them in a time. To start, it would be wiser to run a small farm first, because big farms, bear their high risks and if they fail, they can impose considerable damages to their owners.

How do a partridge bird lay eggs?   

During this period, the temperature of partridge egg incubator machine should be set on 37.6°C (99.8 °F) and the humidity on 60%. However, we need 75% of humidity on the hatching day.

What are the factors determining the duration of incubation?

1. Whether or not the eggs are too big or vice versa.

2. If the temperature is lower or higher than needed.

3. The average age of the herd.

4. Whether or not the eggs are transferred to egg incubator machine right after being laid.

Which type of place is suitable to breed a partridge group?

You need to take account of a slaughter house in the vicinity of your farm. Your partridge group can be reared using both free range or battery system. 100 partridges can be kept in a cage with a diameter of 100*200*85. Moreover, a suitable farm for them to be reared, has an area of 1000 meters.

What should be considered when choosing a place to breed partridges?

1. If you use a cage, it should be made of hot-dip galvanized wire.

2. The body of cage should be free from rust, scratches, etc.

3. The cage exit for partridges should have a suitable angle.

4. When choosing a farm, being away from residential areas should be considered in order not to disturb the neighbors, but on the other hand, have easy access to the main road.

6. It is better for the farm or land to be located in a flat area with low risk of flooding.

7. The floor of the farm should have a distance of approximately 40-50 cm above the ground and a slope of at least 3%.

9. These two cases are in order that the polluted water can exit easily from the farm.

10. The floor and walls of the farm should be thermally insulated.

11. The farm should be built with east-west orientation to receive enough sunlight in order that the germs are killed.

13. Inspect the water of the area thoroughly for salinity, salts and cleanliness.

What is the nourishment like for a partridge bird?

Feeding is planned according to whether they are breeders or broilers.

Partridges naturally feed on seeds, leaves, fruits, insects and so on. However, in the industry, pellets of soybean, corn, etc. are usually used.

A breeder consumes approximately 30 grams of feed per day.

To produce 1 kg of meat, 7 kg of feed needs to be used.

What type of lighting is needed for growing partridges?

During the first week, 2 hours of light and brightness is necessary, nevertheless, every day, you can add 20 minutes to the lights out time. But note that the lights out time does not exceed 14 hours. Generally, the lights out time needs to be 14 hours and the lighting time, 10 hours.

Such a light program is superb for chickens that are going to grow up as partridge breeders.

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