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About Us

Karnotech company has started its activity in 2008 to promote industrial farming culture and transmit world technology to Iran. At the beginning, the company managers have been engaged to broiler breeding which is valuable experience for the company to survive. Karnotech company consider its aims to advice poultry owners and to accomplish this, it has extensive presence in scientific seminars and specialized exhibitions. Another activity of this company is consultation, design and implementation of poultry houses based on the latest technology of the world by experienced and educated staffs.

About Us

Karnotek Production Company started its activity in 2008 in the field of producing, providing and consulting in the field of construction of halls and fully automatic poultry equipment, and now it is developing rapidly. The company is currently the strongest consulting, design and construction site for modern poultry halls in the country. The founders of this company have gained valuable experience in the field of poultry before establishing it; but it was not the only experience that, after a short time, turned Carnothek into a leading poultry producer, but a set of policies and views The managers of this complex, such as the principle of customer orientation, the use of the latest technology in the world, honesty and the use of experienced colleagues and many other characteristics of the company has been increasing.


22 April, 2021

Partridge Farming

How is partridge Farming done? Partridge Farming is becoming an attractive activity due to the characteristics of this small and beautiful bird. The meat and egg […]
13 April, 2021

The ethology of chickens

The ethology of chicken, is one of the most fundamental issues in their process of breeding. The behaviors that animals and birds display, are designed towards […]
17 January, 2018

Poultry Housing Tips

Poultry Housing Tips tips in poultry
5 July, 2017
کارنوتک تولید کننده لوازم و تجهیزات مرغداری, تجهیزات مرغداری, آبخوری نیپل, دانخوری اتوماتیک, تهویه مرغداری, قفس مرغ, آسیاب و میکسر مرغداری, ساخت سالن مرغداری, کنستانتره طیور

Common Poultry Diseases

Common Poultry Diseases common disease in chickens

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